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Wednesday's at 18:30

Wednesday's BE-FIT hybrid is focuses on similar benefits to Monday's but by using circuit training - 8 to 10 (stations) exercises for time, or using kettlebells and slightly more fitness based training. 

However, the fundamentals are the same as Monday's - 
a combination of strength, calisthenics, HIIT and kinetic stretching.  

In this bootcamp we use our 'BE-FIT challenges' - a type of training that doesn't leave any stone unturned, a training that is balanced and rather than only improving one aspect, improves how your body shape (by building muscle), your fitness and your mobility and flexibility.  In this bootcamp we focus on improving;

Strength, fitness, mobility, flexibility and building muscle.

We use similar challenges that we use in the SGPT sessions to improve every training component possible.


If you would like to book on to the bootcamps only, please fill out the enquiry form below and choose the
'bootcamps only' drop down option


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