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Our Team.

Steven Morris

Owner & coach


"I have built a small community of positive thinking, supportive people who are already achieving things that they never thought was possible and all it takes is a journey that they enjoy, a plan that works, support and accountability."


With over 7 years experience and over 15,000 of coaching hours I specialise in fat loss and female body transformations.


level 4 - managing Diabetes & Obesity

level 4 - Nutrition

level 3 - GP referals

level 3 - Personal training

Laura Wright



As a female personal trainer I am passionate about teaching women how to lift weights, proving that strength is beauty and lifting weights is the "best" (in my opinion) for improving body shape, confidence and overall health.

As a qualified pre and post natal trainer I am able to provide specialist training to women that wish to maintain or start their fitness journey throughout and beyond their pregnancy.

I couldn't think of anything I would rather do - and working from a gym that supports, helps and provides a fun and friendly environment to train in, makes being part of the BE team extra special.


Level 3 - Personal Training

Level 3 - Pre & Post Natal

Shane Walker

Boxing coach


"My love for boxing started at a young age when I boxed at an amateur level.

I enjoy teaching people how to box and helping them get fitter.

I am a strong advocate for having fun whilst learning the fundamentals of boxing.


Helping people reaching there fitness goals is a great feeling, it gives me great pleasure passing on my knowledge knowing that they now have the ability to implement their new skills and understanding of boxing and continue to better themselves further in fitness and boxing."


level 2 - Advanced boxing instructor course

- Hatton Academy

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