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10 week




A 10 week crash course transformation program that is designed to revolutionise your body and mind in quick succession.  Lose weight, see results and learn how to completely alter your lifestyle in only 8 weeks.  Ideal for anyone with a busy schedule. Whether you're a full time parent, a professional business person or both, you can get your life back on track with this fully inclusive package.

The 10 week BE-BETTER transformation project, guarantees results with a

minimum fat loss of 3kg.

Body Evolution Body Plan Transformation

combines 3 essential ingredients:

Fun, effective exercise

Forget staring at a wall on a treadmill for an hour. Sessions will be fun, engaging and include the best exercises to maximise calorie burn and elicit fat loss, body toning, increase in core strength, fitness and body balance.

Nutrition, mindset & lifestyle coaching

At Body Evolution, we don't believe in forcing you to eat chicken & broccoli 5 times per day. We believe you should eat what you enjoy with a sensible approach.  We give you the guidelines and you fill in the blank spaces.  With the Body Plan, NO food is off limit.

Accountability & Support

We pride ourselves in giving the maximum amount of encouragement and support available. With 24/7 support with one of our coaches & regular support  and communication  with fellow participants from our Facebook private group.

Revolutionise your body and mind with the Body Plan

Kayleigh Robjohns

Kayleigh is getting married very soon and started the Body Plan to get in shape for her wedding.  Kayleigh has already transformed her body significantly and has continually improved her shape since the last transformation picture.  Kayleigh attends 1 weekly one on one and 2 weekly semi private group sessions.

Body Fat -5%

Waist -4 inches


After the birth of Cristina's second child, Cristina lost an incredible 3 inches from her waistline and nearly 9% body fat.  Cristina is a business woman with 4 kids and struggles with time and routine.  Cristina found the Body Plan flexible and able to fit around her very busy lifestyle.

Body Fat - 7%

Waist -3 Inches





Two training sessions every week.

Workouts designed to get the best results.

Access to a plethora of home & gym workouts on the Facebook private coaching group.

Expert nutritional advice

Personalised nutritional plan with available meal plans on request.

Access to essential information regarding mindset, lifestyle habits and nutritional guidelines all of which is available on the private coaching group.

Initial assessment including body metrics, movement screening and a goal setting session

Results day weigh-in and measurements post course.

Access to the private Facebook support group.

The course includes;

Natasha Owen

Natasha has lost an incredible 2 stone on the program and has managed to sustain her results since her results and still trains with me on a one on one basis.   Natasha uses the Body Plan whenever she neeo to maintain her toned shape.

Body Fat -7%
Waist - 2 Inches

Mel Wignall

After the birth of Mel's son Harry, Mel started on the body plan and lost a whopping 8% body fat and built a toned body anyone would be proud of.  Mel is still currently training and taking part in the outdoor fitness sessions where she attends 3 weekly sessions.

Body Fat  -8%
Waist -3 Inches

10 week



Next course date: January 2nd

Training days: 2 X weekly sessions that suit you

Course includes: 5 extra weekly bootcamps

Course fee: £200



David Smith

David achieved his results in a very short time. 4 weeks to be exact.  David has built some muscle all over his body, lost a significant amount of body fat and shaped his body for the better whilst reducing his "dad bod tummy".

Body Fat -2%
Waist -1 Inch

Claire Hague

Claire works as a nurse and working long shifts, restricted her to nail down any kind of healthy routine.  Since taking on the Body Plan, Claire has achieved great success. 

Body Fat -12%
Waist -4 Inches

We are so confident in the Body Plan Transformation,

we guarantee you’ll get results if you follow the programme,

so you have nothing to lose, except your fears and any unwanted fat!

Our combination of fun, effective exercise, expert nutrition & lifestyle guidance and unrivaled support & accountability means everyone can achieve great results on this programme!


It doesn't matter if you're a complete newbie who hasn't exercised in years and is, quite frankly, terrified of joining a gym, or a regular gym-goer whose results have simply plateaued. On the Total Transformation Project, everyone is allowed to go at their own pace and will only be pushed to their personal limits. 


However, to get great results you must fully commit to the process, so all we ask is that you meet the following criteria:

Positive attitude

Committed to getting serious results

Able to train 3-5 times per week

Willing to listen to and apply our coaching both inside and outside the gym

Willing to support your fellow members on the course

Willing to invest at least £24.75 per week in your health and fitness

Don't mind getting sweaty and working hard!

*Everyone is different so everyone's results will vary. You are unique, so your results will be unique to you. These results were achieved by clients who adhered to our guidelines and followed the course to completion.

Want great results like these?


Fantastic, I look forward to meeting you.  Next, you need to fill out the form below and wait for a call back.  I will happily answer any queries and questions you have about the transformation course and we'll arrange a free consultation so you can have a look around the facility, ask further questions and we can do measurements and take 'before' pictures.

Not sure yet.

Leave us your contact details and we'll send you some more information about the course. 

If required, we can book you in for a free, private consultation to discuss any concerns.


We'll also keep you posted on how many spaces are remaining on the next programme.

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