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Our rehabilitation one on one sessions are for anyone who would like help with any of the following;

stroke rehab
Cerebral palsy
down syndrome
mobility issues
post injury rehabilitation

The aim of each session will be to help strengthen bones, muscles & joints, improve cardiovascular fitness and mobility in joints.
he above will also help regulate stress levels and hopefully improve mental health.

Our classes are always fun; we believe that it should always be enjoyable so that you keep making friends and return to our facility.

Our organisation wants to ensure that your hard work is reflective in your results; that is why we specialise in customer care and are highly elite in all that we practice here.

our mission at BE-FIT is to be inclusive for everyone and provide them with a distinctive exercise experience.

100% Commitment:


We are fully committed to offering all members, regardless of age, numerous opportunities to enhance their health. Our objective is to captivate and inspire you with the myriad wonders and benefits of embracing a healthy, active lifestyle. We firmly believe that your health should never be taken for granted, and we are dedicated to educating and nurturing every aspect of your health, fitness, and overall well-being.

Reliability & Trustworthiness:


We are dedicated to being dependable and trustworthy, striving to help everyone in our local community that is in need of help. Our commitment to making a positive impact and enhancing the health and social well-being of our community knows no bounds. Our top priority is to create a healthier and happier community, as this will pave the way for future generations to prioritise health and fitness, thus empowering our community for years to come.

Light hearted & fun sessions:

We strive to make each session fun and engaging to offer a unique style coaching where our members actually look forward to the sessions.

What to expect from the sessions

We will provide personalised care that promotes independence, and a fulfilling quality of life by focusing on improving; movement, coordination, muscle & bone density for people who will benefit from this type of training

If you would like to find out more and book in a free consultation choose the "Rehabilitation" option from the drop down menu below and fill out the form. 
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