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The peace of mind that your health and fitness is in professional hands

We get it!

At Body Evolution, we understand how hard you've worked and how much you've sacrificed to achieve your level of success however your health should not be one of those sacrifices.  That's why, if you entrust us with taking care of your fitness & wellbeing, we will take the responsibility very seriously, going above and beyond, to ensure you are in the best shape possible to trive in both your business and  your personal life.

You've put your blood, sweat and tears into building your business, juggling your career and starting your family.

Let Body Evolution take care of your health and fitness.
This is the personal training.

You deserve it.

Our Commitment To You

Goal Setting Session

We want to hear your personal story, find out what you want to achieve and why, and figure out what's prevented you from achieving or maintaining your goals before. Everyone's story is different and there are no set plans that work for everyone, so we feel it's important to find out exactly what makes you tick.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

You'll receive a nutrition guide

and a lifestyle plan called the Body Plan, designed to help you achieve your goals. Your coach will regularly check your food diary to make sure you're staying on plan and help you set new habits to make your changes sustainable.

Support & Accountability

At Body Evolution the mantra "always be coaching." That means your Coach will always be on hand to answer any questions, whether that's in the gym or when you're at home or work. If you're unsure about a certain food - just ask. If you're feeling demotivated - speak up! We are here to help.

Advanced Assessment

Including body metrics (body fat %, fat mass, muscle mass), posture analysis, functional movement screening to identify any weaknesses, performance test to help you set benchmarks for improvement and lifestyle assessment looking at stress levels, sleep patterns, eating habits and food choices.

Training Sessions

Your training sessions are 100% about you. If you're feeling energetic and ambitious, your Coach will help you to push yourself to your personal limits. If you're feeling low and demotivated, your Coach will work with you to overcome your obstacles. Personal training is not just about counting reps - it's about fostering a trusting relationship.

Indefinite Access to Information

Once you have started your training program, we will add you into our Facebook private coaching group. Here you will have access to a plethora of workouts and information that is regularly updated according to the latest scientific research.

Personalised Programme

Following your assessment, we will create a fitness programme tailored to you. This can include cardio, resistance and strength training, mobilisations, stretching and corrective exercises and advice on what to do between your sessions - whatever you need to start making progress towards your goals.

Monthly Catch Ups

Every 4-6 weeks you'll meet with your Coach for a progress review, to ensure you're moving towards your goals. You can check your body metrics, re-take the movement assessment or performance test, or just talk about any obstacles, before we move you onto the next stage of your programme.

Money Back Guarantee

Body Evolution is the only gym in Huddersfield that guarantees you will get results. Our promise to you is simple: follow all of our instructions perfectly for at least 3 months and we guarantee you’ll look and feel better. If you haven't seen any results in that time, we’ll refund your entire investment. So you have nothing to lose! 

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